Useful Links

These links are useful for all of us CEG Students. Some links require you to logon to the NUSNET. Other links are public links. I cannot give much information about links that are behind the NUSNET login save that it should not be hard to navigate.

CEG Students Notice Board:
Remember to check the notice board at least once per semester. Also look for the link for the current year you are in. Those who do want to know what they have gotten into read here:

FOE Undergrad Office:
Year 1 should check here for their groupings and modules. Year 2s should come back here to choose engineering serviced ULRs.

FOE Student Information:
I get many friends asking every semester about the S/U policies, module declaration, CAP computation etc. Please read this throughly.

FOE Modules Information:
Year 1 students will find this page full of information. So much information that the head hurts.

You are most probably familar with the IVLE and NUSNET email from which you get your lecture notes and read official email respectively. As an SOC student you get the use of SOC email, which is useless to me. You really want an SOC account so that you can start printing!

Degree Requirement Check:
This leads to a NUSNET login page. Go there to check your progress towards your degree requirements as well as change the module declaration.


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