Year 4 Semester 2

The final semester.

CG4001 – B.Eng Dissertation (Final Year Project, FYP)
12 MCs of torture, everyone will agree. You are on your own to research, implement or test something. It will usually be a project that supports a professor’s research area or could be a project created just because they need FYP projects available. Either way you will not get much in the way of guidance because you are supposed to determine your own plan, path, implementation and contribution to the topic. The topic given can be a continuation of a previous FYP, extension implementation to contribute to research or a new topic. Which one to choose? See who is the supervisor. Some professors demand a very high quality of work and will demand the limits of your intelligence. Others conduct the FYP knowing the limits of the undergraduate and that most of us arn’t cut for research. The FYP is done over two semesters. Usually the first semester is topic research and trying to find a specific area to contribute and attempting to achieve that contribution. The second semester will be about developing that contribution in more detail and achieving it completely. In our experience (many of us), its 1 semester of trying to read papers and not understanding anything but writing an interim report anyway. Then spending the holiday actually understanding some of the stuff and actually try to implement something. The second semester will be the hair tearing, late night marathons to actually implement something that works at all. All this to impress your supervisor for his/her component of the marks. For the evaluator and moderator, the presentation is key. The presentation must show right to the point YOUR specific contribution to the topic. It must also attempt to showcase that you have done alot of work and put in alot of thought.

CS4222 – Wireless Sensors and Networks – (Chan Mun Choon)
Along with CS3235 and CG3204L, this is one of the best modules for CEG. It talks about low-power wireless sensor devices and how to network them. Topics include established cellular technology and WiFi to forefront research papers on networking protocols. The module has a project to develop a networking Android application that uses the Android smartphone’s sensors to achieve a networked application. Typical projects are crowd-sourcing, inter-friend competition apps and location finding. The module will participate in the STEPS showcase which is held every semester to showcase term projects.

EE4210 – Computer Communication Networks II – (Soh Wee Seng and Biblap Sikdar)
More topics on computer networks, concentrating on the established networking applications, network security and multimedia networking applications. The teaching was good. There was a project which had unclear and misleading objectives that didn’t seem related to the module with an even more misleading marking scheme, a fault of the TA. The second CA assignment was to answer some questions which were pretty lame (from textbook). I find fault with the CA rather than the teaching for this module which really cost me my degree class. The exam was rather too easy so that means very very hard to score well if the CA marks are less than excellent.

The best professors of the 4 years, compiled not because I got As for their modules but because their teaching was excellent.
In no particular order: Heng Chun Huat, Lawrence Wong, Colin Tan, Uncle Soo, Hussin Mutalib, Ashraf Kassim, Tay Teng Tiow, Tulika Mitra, Akash Kumar, Chan Mun Choon.
Special mention: Hugh Anderson (I’m now a zillonaire in Zimbawe Dollars) and Anand Bhojan (for making networking really interesting).

Final CAP: 3.97 (Second Lower).

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