Exploring Kent Ridge

Once in a while I will get the urge to explore Kent Ridge a bit more. It is regrettable that it took me 4 years before I actually came around to doing it. This time the opportunity came along when I had wanted to take a walk after a long session of working on code.

COM2 to Central Library
Behind that business carpark that is behind COM1 is the synchrotron light source facility. You know, where they park the NUS shuttle busses when they are not being driven around. If you follow the road path (Research Link) up in between the synchrotron light source and the small plant nursery, you will come to an end of the road with the central library annex on the right. Walk up to the central library annex, cross the ‘bridge’ path and turn right up some brick stairs to the back of central library. which is a pretty dusty place. You will end up just in between central library and a cliff. Walk behind central library and you will find that you will come out at the stairs that lead from Kent Ridge Crescent to the linkway between the Chinese library and Engin.

The shortcut to science
A little known shortcut exists between the BIZ2 area to the rear of science faculty. From COM2, walk to BIZ2 and cross Business Link as if going to ICube. Take the stairs down to the road level and cross Business Link again towards Temasek Life Science Laboratory. Walk up the slope to the bin centre of Temasek Life Science Laboratory. Behind the bin centre, walk up the stairs to find a long set of stairs that climbs the ridge perpendicularly to Kent Ridge Road which is the very old road that is drawn along the top of Kent Ridge. Cross Kent Ridge Road and there is another long set of stairs that go down to science at the department of biological science. Follow the yellow ceiling to get to the more familiar area of science (science library/canteen/LT27). Probably about a 10 to 14 minute walk if you are willing to climb that one set of stairs and don’t want to wait for the bus which takes about the same time anyway.

Kent Ridge Road
The old Kent Ridge Road is built along the ridge line of Kent Ridge. From Central Library area, walk up the stairs to the linkway between Engin and Chinese library. Walk up to the stairs that lead to CDTL. This is now Kent Ridge Road. You can walk along the road for a nice scenic route. The road leads along the ridge line. It is a path that graduate students might walk to get to King Edward VII hall. See the nice old buildings abit refurbished. Pass the 2 water towers which sit on the highest points of the ridge at 86m. Pass King Edward VII hall to see one of the more hidden carparks under NUS jurisdiction next to a nice satellite dish communication field. End up at the road that is the junction to South Bouna Vista Road (99 turn road) and Prince George’s Park. Walk to the left to get to Kent Ridge Station.

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