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NUS CEG FYP LaTeX Templates

Here I have LaTeX templates that I developed during the start of the last semester that will closely replicate the required FYP format as specified by the CEG department. There are two versions, one for those doing FYPs under EE … Continue reading

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Year 4 Semester 2

The final semester. CG4001 – B.Eng Dissertation (Final Year Project, FYP) 12 MCs of torture, everyone will agree. You are on your own to research, implement or test something. It will usually be a project that supports a professor’s research … Continue reading

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Exploring Kent Ridge

Once in a while I will get the urge to explore Kent Ridge a bit more. It is regrettable that it took me 4 years before I actually came around to doing it. This time the opportunity came along when … Continue reading

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Year 4 Sem 1

Final year in CEG. This is one of the most taxing semesters I have committed to with FYP and 4 modules. CS3210 – Parallel Computing (by Prof Teo Yong Meng) This module introduces parallel computing concepts to the student. It … Continue reading

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Special Semester 2 – CS2107

CS2107: Introduction to Information and System Security (Taught by: Hugh Anderson) I ended my internship on a Friday only to jump into special semester 2 for CS2107. This is a level 2000 breadth module that is rather popular during normal … Continue reading

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Year 3 Summer Holidays… Or Is It?

The semester has come to a close for about a month. Going to work everyday has become a routine. When you start off, it is extremely tiring as you are trying to learn both explicit and implicit signs of how … Continue reading

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Internship Programme

Year 2013 and again a new semester. This time I took up EG3601 Industrial Attachment Programme. EG3601 Industrial Attachment Programme (IAP) This is a 12 MC, 6 month programme where you go to work everyday (full-time) at a company of … Continue reading

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