Year 1 Sem 2

Long overdue post about modules

Semester 1 has flown by very fast. A well-deserved december break brings you to a new year. By this time, you’ll be more used to the ‘system’ and know what to do. However, the purpose of the year 1 modules have not yet become clear to you. Press on and you will understand. Sounds like an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion level up menu message.

CG1103 – Data Structures and Algorithms I
2 hr lecture, 1 hr tutorial, 2 hr labs and project. (I was taught by Dr Soo Yuen Jien (Uncle Soo))
This module teaches linear data structures and sorting algorithms in C++. You’ll learn object-oriented programming here and will get a chance to practice OO-programming on a CEG-only project that is tied with CG1413. You’ll learn about lists, stacks and queues, recursion, basic algorithm analysis, sorting and hashing.
There is a project that you will have to do and present in conjunction with CG1413. That is you will be graded both on the programming aspect of the project and your communication skills during the presentation.
This module has a practical exam like CG1101. The idea behind the project is the CEG Hypermarket system (CEG Inventory Control and Monitoring System or CICMS) that they were talking about during the CEG course briefing some 1.5 semesters ago.

CG1413 – Effective Team Communication
4 hours of seminar-style teaching per week. (My tutor was Mr James Stephen)
This is the CEG version of EG1413 which the rest of the engineering faculty has to take. What makes this so special is that it is tied with CG1103’s programming project. There are a bunch of assignments and small projects that lead up to the bigger CG1103 project presentation. Each presentation and assignment tests your communication skill, returns feedback to you for improvement and grades your improvement in your ability to work as a team and have successful communication.

CG1108 – Electrical Engineering
2 hours of lecture and 1 hour of tutorial and 3 hours of lab. (My lecturers were Dr Cabibihan, John-John and Dr Sahoo Sanjib Kumar)
The CEG version of EE1102 or EG1108. That means projects again. You spend half the semester on lecture content which was not very clear to me because I hated solving circuits. However, I had an exemplary tutor: Dr. Justin Pang, who summarised content and gave short-cut methods to solve circuits. You will have the first 6 weeks on lab which covers the lecture topics like playing with resistors, capacitors and inductors and trying to read the voltage and plot the function graph off the oscilloscope. Not very fun if you are really bad at handing lab equipment. The other half of the semester, you spend in the lab programming and building a line-following robot that contributes to your final grade. Your robot will face an elimination competition with other teams, but your robot is not graded higher just because you won the competition. The robot grading scheme is independent of the competition itself.

MA1506 – Mathematics II
3 hr lecture and 1 hr tutorial with a DIY lab component (My lecturer was non other than Prof Leung)
You spend the semester learning differential equations and its applications. Similar in style and examination to MA1505. There is a MatLab / SciLab component that you do on your own and submit a report near the semester end. The ‘lab’ is DIY, no lab slot. Just do it yourself from the instructions. It’s about introducing students to MatLab and using it to solve and plot differential equations.

In addition, I took an SS.
SSA2009 / GEK2003 / PS2249 – Government and Politics of Singapore
2 hr lectures weekly, 2 hours tutorial every other week (I was taught by Prof Hussin Mutalib)
It is a politics core, so you are competing with politics students. However, I did not fare too badly. I took this module just before the general election 2011 so it made it all the more interesting. The “textbook” is a book written by the professor himself. You do not have to buy the book but you have to at least read it among other books for content for the term essay. Not recommended if you really do not like essay writing or politics. Go and take Natural Heritage of Singapore instead (Hint: MCQ exams). The final exam is essay writing as well. The professor puts the ideas in a non-political way and he wants you to take your own stand.

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1 Response to Year 1 Sem 2

  1. Zephyr says:

    Hi, i’ve just read ur entire blog coz i decided it was time to pay more attention to my future life. Currently a storeman serving NS, 1 more year to go zzz. I already have a place in nus ceg for year 2013. The thing is, i only chose this course coz i have ZERO interest in most of the other courses, except business (but i hate econs so yea), and since i spend almost all of my free time on the com gaming or watching anime etc, i figured this was my best choice. At least i can handle spending long hours staring at the com screen.

    Problem: Absolutely no background in programming. My physics is so-so. However, my maths is good and i have a logical mindset, which ive heard is important to this profession. I was also under the impression that programming would be taught from scratch, so i dun really need prior knowledge. However after reading your blog, i get the feeling that i will be screwed badly if i dont learn at least some basic programming and find out more about this course. So i figured i better start now. Since im 8-5 NSF and a lot of free time in camp also lol (dun ask me which camp). Just in case i find out that this course doesnt agree with me, at least i still got time to reapply for other courses.

    Anyway, could u give some guidance on what i should learn now? Not just for programming, but to prepare for this course in general.

    Some random questions: Are there a lot of foreign scholars? How many girls are there in a class? chio or not? (i dun have high expectations LOL)

    * I think i should have asked these questions at the tea session and Q&A. But i just got enlisted a few weeks before the date of the session and i had totally didnt care about this so i didnt go. At the time, there was no way i would waste a precious saturday to relax just to attend this kind of thing lol. On the topic of this tea session + Q&A thing, it should be yearly right? Will i get another invitation this year?*

    Ok that was the last question. Thx for reading, hope to hear from you soon!

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