Start of Semester Opinion on Modules

I think I missed out talking about Year 2 Sem 1 modules so I’ll do that in a later post. Right now it is Year 2 Sem 2. Going by the CEG schedule, I have to take:

EE2023 – Signals and Systems
This is probably one of the dreaded modules because of the talk by our seniors about the module’s predecessor. Right now, it is in its second run since the revamp of the EE syllabus. At the moment, it’s seminar-style teaching. The entire module cohort is split into smaller groups of about 20-30 for better interaction with the lecturer and so far so good because the small group teaching allows us to interrupt the lecturer for questions. It’s a module heavily dependent on abstract mathematical concepts. If you hated MA1505 and MA1506, you’ll hate this module as well. It teaches stuff about how signals are mathematically interpreted and the systems behind the use of signals. This is the pre-requisite breadth if you want to go into communications.

EE2031 – Circuits Design Lab
Lab module. Nothing much to say about it at the moment except that if you can’t remember anything from EE2021 – Circuits and Devices, you have to brush up.

ST2334 – Statistics and Probability
Might be boring for some, the contents is obvious: Statistics…and…Probability. The point to note is that its held at Science and hence more running about. Also, the textbook is very expensive for its thickness or lack thereof.

CG2007 – Microprocessor Systems
I find this module very interesting because it teaches assembly programming. If you did not like programming, then this is harder because assembly programming is certainly harder because you need to change your method of thinking when programming assembly. Assembly taught on the Intel 8086 chip.

In addition, I am taking another two modules:

CS2010 – Data Structures and Algorithms II
Third and last part of the three part programming course. Specific to CEG thats CG1101, CG1103 and CS2010. This is taught in Java and you have to already know Java or be willing to learn Java quickly before signing up for this. Teaches non-linear data structures and more algorithms.

EC1301 – Principles of Economics
If you already know basic economics, this is a boring module to be taken as a cross-faculty breadth. Due to the large cohort, the bell curve is steep. Totally MCQ but 80 questions in 60 mins (MCQ marathon). No more physical tutorials because the tutorials are now held online by Cengage Learning and Aplia. Instead of 1 hour tutorials, I am wasting at least 3 hours a week doing all the online questions.

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