Clash of the modules

Today marks the start of the CORS bidding, Round 0 if you didn’t know. At Round 0, its practically useless for anyone except to “pre-select” your desired modules. However, your desires are seldom granted. One, we usually start with a pre-allocated timetable which could be to some, throughly disappointing in terms of layout. Of course, with a pre-allocated time-table, it means less of CORS. Two, module clashing with pre-allocated timings. By viewing the modules avaliable, I somehow notice that more and more modules seem to be clashing. Lecture slot clashing that is. Modules that I’m interested in and even some that I’m not interested in all like to have 12-2, 2-4, 4-6 timings on the same days that clash with my pre-allocated modules. Mornings can be pretty empty unless filled with labs. Is it because of U-town’s additional lecture halls that now allows more modules to  take the afternoon timeslots? Or is it becasue too many students have demanded non-morning lectures due to the inability to wake up? Whatever the case, I now don’t know what to fill my two extra module slots with.

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