End of Exams

By this time, a quarter way through the last month of the year, everyone should have finished their exams unless you are doing some special courses. Yay and hooray then, for just in november alone, many games were released. Now which will be game of the year, Skyrim or MW3? Just one month to finish playing everything in the wide expanse that is Skyrim. I clocked 90 hours to “complete” Oblivion in 2006 and its over 110 hours on Skyrim so far and there are still quest lines to finish… Some others may be travelling overseas for a holiday, our foreign friends might be travelling back home. Others who stay here may be finding work or just slacking.

As Christmas nears, the exam results should be coming out too. At this point, do continue to check the NUS emails for announcements even though the pace of “junk” is slow. For example, UG Engin just emailed an important announcement for module bidding. However, I believe that students will always remember to see their results. Once the mayhem of celebration or languish over the results die down, automatically the three month dormant engine of forethought in your head will get you to look ahead at the next sememester and the modules ahead.

Others who completed their games, rest etc… and are bored, you can try to look up next sem’s material though I never do that. Instead, you can try mental exercises like Project Euler to brush up on programming and maths. Happy Holidays!

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