End of Semester

Week 12 and 13 signals the near end of the semester. At this point in time there are probably a few noticiable features.

1. Lecture groups thin out. Few people attend lectures especially if there is a webcast or if the lectures are very difficult.
-Webcasts are not all that bad but it all depends.
2. You may realise that the CCAs and other extra activities tend to wind down in anticipation for the exams.
3. NUSSU and the constitutient clubs give out the welfare packs consisiting of some sponsor marketing material, free but cheap stationery, valuable foolscap paper, tidbits and drinks.
4. Term projects and assignment deadlines that you have put off start to creep closer.
5. The word ‘exam’ starts to appear more often.

Basically, the semster is winding down and culminating with final examinations. The one or two weeks after week 13 is the time to prepare for the examination and you’ll feel compelled to do so especially if you already know your megre mid-term results.

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