Mid-Term Break

For some, the mid-term break is the week where you suddenly realise you’ve been slacking for 6 weeks and its times to start mugging.  For other it signals the time to do term papers, other still use it to do projects and some of our foreign friends use it as a one week trip home. And practically everyone uses it to study for mid-term exams. Even some lecturers call for “make-up” lectures due to missed time from public holidays. It should not be called a mid-term break at all. It should be called make-up week. Yet for some of us, any holiday is seen almost as a god-given right, given the hectic pace of society. Ask your parents what they did back then, there wasnt so much as a thing called homework. It was  time when the really clever students would actually use the time to study more to be that top scorer by studying more. Now, you have to be a genius in the first place. We normal people use the time to study but cant seem to match those amazing results. Study hard, study smart.

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