Central Forum Bazzar

Every semester, the central forum will have some sort of bazzar. I have not called it a pasar malam becasue there is not typical ramly burger, fried food stuff stalls. The bazzar mainly consists of a bunch of table shops selling knicknacks, electronics, japanese snacks, printer ink, clothes (female clothes mainly), second hand books and much more… I seldom stop to look unless its the books or electronics. On the last two days or so, they will mostly likely have the very popular Milo van. The milo van that every school kid looks forward to on a school sports day. The milo that you cannot seem to make to match at home no matter what. The unique milo that comes only from the milo van… free!

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1 Response to Central Forum Bazzar

  1. web@nus.edu.sg says:

    There used to be ramly burger and the fried food stall….

    Damn, bazzar in nus is going the way of comex – boring and stale

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