Time flies when you need to get work done

Have you ever set a list of goals to achieve over a weekend but come back with barely half those goals achieved? These goals I refer to are goals for completing your tutorials, catching up on the understanding on lecture topics, flipping through textbooks for more depth…

I have personally set weekend goals but have yet to achieve them all within the timeframe I had alloted myself. The three tutorials I had planned to complete within a day resulted in only one tutorial being done haphazardly. I’ll tell myself to wake up early but I end up waking in time only for a late breakfast. One or two hour looking at the tutorial question but nothing written on foolscap. This morning episode is punctuated with facebook and email checking and chatting with anyone who is awake this early. After lunch, I’ll lounge around in an attmept to let digestion take its course or to avoid the afternoon heat. Work starts at 3pm or thereafter at best. I’ll stare at all the tutorial questions in an attempt to look for the hardest ones to do first, realise the lack of knowledge to complete the question and start frantically flipping through lecture notes. Again the lecture note reviewing is interrupted with more facebook and email checking and wondering why there isn’t anyone online to chat with. One or two questions get done with plenty more to go. The tutorial is only half done by dinner and I won’t return to the study table until 9pm. 9pm till late and somehow the tutorials are discarded into a pile to be looked at for the next day. The next day, the morning might repeat itself but becasue the day after is a school day, I’ll get to work immediately after lunch. 1 to 2 tutorials might be done in the same way by the end of the day but the 3rd or fourth tutorial is left to be done in between breaks if at all.

Of course this is an example of my typical lifeless weekend. I feel that doing any meaningful work takes more hours per question than before (JC level and below). And exhaustion sets in at the end of a marathorn of tutorial completion. Others might find themselves not only surfing the web aimlessly but also hitting the play button on games.

I might find some comfort in this news: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2028893/Bad-news-bosses-Surfing-net-office-hours-GOOD-productivity.html, that the aimless websurfing increases productivity but again its a problem when it comes to trying to limit it on a good weekend. As you can conclude this is how textbooks do not get used… no real time to digest them. This behaviour also permeates my school day breaks, so hour long breaks are pretty useless to me. I spend 10-15 mins of an hour settling down and then the last 15 mins preparing to pack up and head to the next class. Therefore I have a preference for long break periods of 2 hours at least. Of course with the semester ever pushing on, my weekends will become more disciplined, I try to turn off the internet connection to reduce distractions but still my goal list will never get fully achieved at any rate.

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