CBLC Printing

For most other students, you will have to do your printing at the library for CBLC related printing resources, unless you have dedicated printing services at your faculty. I’ll point out how to print at the library in this post.

To print at the Central library or the YIH CBLC computer facilities, proceed to the respective places and use a computer. At the central library, you need to book a computer at the computer booking station (queue 1) at level 4 and use the computers there. Login, retrieve your document and send it to any one of the listed printers it does not matter unless you are directing it to print from the colour printer. Go to the print release station (queue 2) and release the print out to your desired printer and pay with a cashcard or ez-link card. Wait for the print-out.

To cut the wait for queue 1 and possibly send your document for printing while say at the canteen or in a lecture, use your laptop and follow these instructions: http://www.lib.nus.edu.sg/help/service/print/cblc_printer.html. Open your internet or windows explorer and type \\YIH-CBLC-SVR into the address bar. You will be prompted to login with NUSNET. Once in go to Devices and Printers and add a new printer. Click add a network printer, add \\YIH-CLBC-SVR\CL-CBLC-PrintH0-A4 (H-zero) or CL-CBLC-Color-A4 for plain B/W or colour. Try to find the printer driver called HP Laserjet 8100 PCL6. Apply the Windows Update to load more drivers if you cannot find it.

Once done, you can print! However you cannot print duplex (double-sided) yet. Go back to Devices and Printers, right click the printer and click “Printer Properties” in the context menu. Find the Device Settings tab and scroll down to installable options. Enable the duplex unit and you can now print double sided!

Remember, you need to firstly be on the NUS network or NUS VPN, not NUSOPEN to print. Also you need to logon to the \\YIH-CBLC-SVR too.

One more tip, if you are at YIH, you can print to the printers there too! Find the printer name of the printers there and add them in the same way but you need to make sure its the printers at YIH and not the central library.

UPDATE: To print at the Science Library, follow the above instructions. However connect to the \\csnus-svr server instead and select the printer accordingly.

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