Getting Around (On Foot)

Getting around on foot is either a pleasant exercise or a nightmare of staircases depending on the way you look at it. I’ll give a guide on how to walk from block EA to COM1.

The engineering faculty is built across the ridge and mostly divided into rectangular blocks. Some of the blocks are not that new and have been around since the early beginnings of the University. The Dean’s Office is located at Block EA, one of the first blocks the new CEG student might see especially if you have never visited the university ever before until the first faculty talk held at block EA, LT7A. I was in this particular case, never having ever before setting foot in NUS until the day I had to visit the Office of Admissions during application when it was still at block EA and the spanking new University Hall had yet to be completed. Even then, I transacted my business there fairly quickly and left without so much as a look around. The next time that I would see block EA, was during the engineering faculty talk and then again I did no exploring.

The great confusion occurred to me when I had to go to LT3 for the CEG course talk. I had alighted at the bus stop outside the familiar block EA and proceeded to try and find LT3. Thinking that there would be an easy footpath to LT3, I walked towards block E3A, not knowing it was the wrong direction. I tried walking up block E2 which was a lost cause since it lead to more labs with uninviting corridors. All this time I did not know where I was exactly. I had to ask for directions. I stopped someone for help but he was also not very sure except to tell me to take the block EA lift to the 6th floor.

Upon returning to block EA, I had managed to summon the elevator and upon looking at the floor controls, I noticed a small yellow label next to the 6th floor button saying “To All Blocks”. This small yellow label which sometimes might be lost in some elevators leads you to the common floor that traverses all the engineering blocks. For block EA, this is level 6 but in actual fact, it should be level 7. Level 6 leads you to a flight of unsheltered stairs near E1 that you have to climb. The reason for not labeling level 7? Probably because they don’t really want so many people to waltz outside the Dean’s office and a corridor of professors’ offices.

The walk along EA leads to E1A level 4, followed by level 4 of E1 with the basement of E2 on the left. From E1, you can walk down the stairs to Technoedge or continue on left to E4 and the small plaza outside LT6. Hang a right to get to the first floor of E5 and walk on towards the pedestrian bridge across Kent Ridge Crescent. You will pass a rock wall which has been nicely painted with murals by students. Reach a T-junction and on the left is a flight of stairs up to LT3 and the sheltered link to Yusof Ishak House. To the right is the large walkway with the Chinese library on the left. You are now at the Central library building. Walk forward and left then right along some lockers to find a flight of stairs down 2 floors to the 4th floor of the central library building and the main entrance to the central library. Walk past the central library straight ahead towards AS6 / ADM / LT14 / LT15. You are now looking at a T-junction. To the right is to get to the ADM block and Arts faculty. To the right is AS6 and a flight of stairs down. Take the stairs down and walk along a linkway with LT 14 and 15 to the left and a row of lockers and tables along the linkway. At the end of the linkway, turn left and walk down again. You are now at COM1 level 2. Walk along the corridor to get to SR1. Walk through the glass doors into the air-conditioned area of COM1 level 2. To get to level 1, turn right and walk past the undergrad office and through more glass doors into the COM1 foyer. Walk down the stairs again and you are now at the level 1 foyer. Walk through the glass doors and you are at COM 1 level 1. So from engineering block EA, you went up 7 stories, and the walk to COM1 brought you down 7 stories as well.

It all sounds like alot of information but then once you familarise yourself with the walking route, it will be second nature.

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