Getting around (Bus)

As a NUS student, you will have to take certain modules in different faculties and that means travelling either by foot or by bus. There are 6 main internal shuttle bus service routes in NUS. A1, A2,  B, C, D1 and D2. You can view the detailed routes here:

Whether you are rushing for a lesson or trying to get to a destination quickly to avoid the terrible humidity and heat, the particular shuttle bus you need to take usually seems take forever to arrive. Worsening the feeling for you is the fact that multiple busses of the other services will ply past the bus stop. The next time you want to take the other services, the same thing happens…

If it rains, you will want to know the sheltered walking route around the faculties. There is one and the answer is to follow the yellow ceiling. The yellow ceiling with its accompanying signs may sometimes lead you astray or look like its in different stages of decay but it will lead you right eventually.

Maybe reading the detailed routes will be unfamilar to most. As a CEG student I will help you make sense of them by giving you some scenarios. The sloping road near which you find the Central libary is the centre point of alot of traffic so lets start there (its called Kent Ridge Crescent if you didn’t know).

First useful bit of information: Just very recently in AY10/11 Sem 2, they bought new busses with more standing space. Most of the new busses (A1, A2 and D1, D2) are essentially the same make of the scania busses seen on public road (auto transmission, hydraulic levelling, long wheebase). However services B and C runs using SunLong (China made, manual transmission) busses which are of a short wheelbase becasue B needs to make a very tight roundabout turn at block E3A. So if you see a short shuttle bus when you are at COM2 or the central library then its service B. B and C only run in a loop circuit. If you are at COM2, then service B will always be heading towards engin. Service A and D are separated into A1, A2 and D1, D2 for the fact that the COM2 and UTown bus stops are one directional and the separation serves to differentiate the direction the bus heads to. If you are at COM2, you will seldom want to take A1 unless you are heading to PGP Residence. Note: Sometimes they will still run the old bus models, you can tell from the creaky bodywork.

Lets get on with the scenarios:

You are at the central library bus stop after alighting from public bus service 95 and you need to get to COM1.
Mind you COM1 not the Computing building near Science which SoC vacated some years ago and moved to COM1 which was the law and business faculties I think. Seriously there is a shorcut walking path behind the Central Library to COM1 so just walk there. If you are really lazy, then take bus A1 or bus B.

You are at COM1 and need to get to LT7A / LT7 at block EA for the MA1505 / 1506 lecture.
Take bus B from the COM2 bus stop to engineering block E3A and walk a short distance to block EA. If you really want to walk, its a long uphillwalk (10-20 min) from Central library through to Computer Centre, E5, E4, E1, E1A before reaching block EA.

You are at COM1 or central library and need to get to Science for some GEM.
Take bus A2 from the COM2 bus stop or the computer centre bus stop if you are at the central library area to get to Science. Stop at the old Computing building busstop. This is not COM2. This is the building found opposite LT29 and is called S17 but the bus stop is still named School of Computing 1 because SoC used to be there until we out grew the place. Since law moved out to bukit timah, we took over. We also slowly took over BIZ1 and named it COM2 as well as AS6 and I3 (I cube). Confusing right? If you are at COM2 you can try taking A1 which will swing around to PGP before going to Science. It might be slightly faster.

You just finished your PC1432 lab at S11 and need to get to the MA1505 lect at LT 7A.
Take bus C from the University Hall bus stop and stop at block E3A engineering. Service C runs on the short wheelbase SunLong busses for reasons already explained.

You are at COM2 and need to get to UTown for some lecture.
You can take D1, check that its going to UTown and not PGP. Both seem equally long but I havent tried going to UTown on the shuttle bus.

Personally, I avoid the shuttle bus during the peak times of which start at the end and start of the hour and take a walk even if it is from computing to engineering. I would only take the shuttle bus to get from extreme reaches to extreme reaches of the campus.

You are at UTown and want to get to the MRT station or vice versa.
Take D2. This loops between PGP, Kent Ridge MRT, science and UTown.

Other Notes:
They also have A1E that runs from Kent Ridge MRT to Central Library without stopping in between except at Science. This runs in the morning peak hours. The same services runs in the opposite direction during evening peak hours.

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