Printing at SoC

The new semester kicks off today and guess what? The printers at SoC get overloaded due to the heavy demand for the printing of lecture notes by everyone at the start of the new semester. Anyway, I’ll teach you how to get set-up to the printer.

First, I assume you already got an SoC Unix Account. If not, go here to get one (SoC students only or students taking SoC mods):

Second, read this here for detailed information:, you may need to login with NUSNET to view some information.

Third, when you are logged into the NUS network (NUSOPEN does not work but NUS VPN works) which is another configuration pain, go to My Computer and map the network drive ( its behind the NUSNET so I will not give too much detail) given in the documents repository and login with your NUS credentials again. You will need to login to the network drive everytime you want to print something and this can be done only if you are on the NUS net. You can be lame and do it from home through the NUS VPN but your printouts go to the printers at SoC.

Fouth, once logged into the NUS network and the network drive, proceed to install the printer by going to Devices and Printers and clicking install printer.

Click to install the network printer. Once there, enter the name of the same networked drive partially and you should automatically see the list of printers. Select the appropriate printer from the list (Go to COM1 and look for the printer name on the printer itself). The driver will install and you are done! Remember to map the network drive and be on the NUS network to print!

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