CORS Archive

You are bidding for the future, who wants to know the past? CORS has a little used feature called archive. Herein, lies the dusty stack of bidding statistics. (If you have ever played 4D or TOTO you can also go to the Singapore Pools website and recall all the previous winning numbers).

What can you do with the statistics?
You can view the previous academic year’s bidding statistics for each avaliable module for each bidding round. So that you can maybe determine a statistical bidding pattern and bid to your advantage. Unlike the 4D and TOTO version where you have zero statistical advantage, this does help you guage which are the really popular modules and perhaps allow you to bid at the right time.

How useless is it?
It dosen’t work if you are taking a module that is completely new. Duh! However, if that module had a predecessor, you can try looking at the predecessor module’s history. Also, somehow by a stroke of bad luck, that module that you are looking which seems to bid at 1 point for a few consecutive semesters might turn out popular this particular year (which happened to me and I got outbidded on that). You’ll also be wasting time looking through old phonebooks when you could be enjoying your holiday.

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